How often do we find ourselves complaining about not seeing a big enough buck to shoot or catching a  fish that is too small to keep? Without realizing it, we are complaining about something that some people have never had the chance to experience.


I was fortunate to grow up in a home that I was able to grow up hunting and fishing and fell in love with the outdoors at an early age. Looking back, I remember having my friends go along on some of our hunting and fishing trips. Some of my friends that went with us, seemed like they were having the best time they've ever had. I was having fun, but no where near as the fun they were having. I have come to realize, they were having so much fun because they never got to go and do the things we were doing.


As I look back, my friends that had the most fun, didn't have a daddy who was active in their lives, or family members to take them. Through Seasons of Hope, we have the perfect opportunity to give kids a chance to experience God's Creation while showing them the love of Jesus and the hope they can have in him. On this premise, our mentoring program will be built. If we don't give back, then what purpose do we serve? What greater way is there to share Jesus with a child, or teenager, than through the opportunities we provide?


We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and that is our mission as we teach in love, mentor others, and magnify the love of the Creator to His own creation, through His own creation. We will be helping all types of individuals through this program. We will be helping children that have lost a parent (or parents), children that are disadvantaged and children that have great home lives, but don't have parents or relatives to get them in the outdoors. For more information, on how you can get involved, email Michael Harris, from our "Contact Us" page or call 850-630-8187

In honor & memory of Alan Ritchie

In life we encounter all different kinds of people. Some people impress you and some don't. But, there is always that one person who makes an impact on you that you will never forget. You wonder, how can this person can smile all the time, do simple things to make people smile, go out of their way for people and think about others before his self? No matter how big the task or far they may have to drive to make it happen, they always find a way. I had the privilege of knowing a person just like this. His name was Alan Ritchie. I grew up around Alan. My daddy, Johnny Harris, had the pleasure of working with him for 33 years at Bay Medical EMS. Alan was always up to doing something for people. From buying donuts to putting sea foam in everybody's vehicles, he was always giving. After retiring from EMS, Alan spent his time constantly doing for others. Then Alan got his dream job at Bay Guns and Gear. Alan was passionate about guns and our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Alan was someone you had no choice but to like. Alan was always just a phone call away. Although we lost Alan in June of 2011, his memory is still alive. In honor of Alan, and all that he did, we are naming the community giving part of SOH after Alan. Through "Alan's Angels", the program we've set up in his honor, we will be giving back to communities that support us. We will do things such as providing Christmas presents and a meal to two needy families. We will also be doing community projects throughout the year. That will involve helping the elderly with things, or anything else we can do to help.


Donations can be made in Alan's memory. Please make checks payable to Seasons Of Hope, with "Alan's Angels" in the memo. Donations made via PayPal can be designated by putting "Alan's Angels" in the note section.