Lover of God, the outdoors and helping others, Michael Harris leads Seasons of Hope in it's efforts to help those suffering with terminal illness and disabilities to experience life changing outdoor excursions. 8 years ago, Michael and his dad, Johnny, began helping other organizations with Life Hunts and fishing trips. In 2008 they decided to start their own organization and the idea for Seasons of Hope was born. Tragedy struck in March of 2009 when Michael himself became disabled. While helping a friend build a pole barn, 23 sheets of plywood crashed down on him, breaking his neck and rendering him a c-5 c-7 quadriplegic. Though the tables have turned, Michael's dream was accomplished and in 2010 Seasons of Hope became official. Along with the SOH team, his family, including son Brayden, and willing volunteers, they have aided many in creating lasting memories through hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures.


Johnny Harris was born and raised in Florida in the small Panama City town known as Millville. At an early age, Johnny settled in his heart that he'd one day be in a career that focused on helping people. He made that dream a reality when he became a Paramedic. He served his community for 35 years, many of those as a supervisor.  Johnny loves for the outdoors, a passion he transferred to his son, Michael who credits his daddy for his own love of the outdoors. Johnny's favorite way to hunt was running deer with hounds though he does not get to do much of that anymore. Johnny loves fishing, too. Casting in the bay for trout, red fish and flounder, offshore for grouper, freshwater fishing for bass and his favorite, fly fishing for bream.  Johnny is always willing help somebody out and devotes his time to doing just that. Working with Seasons of Hope is how Johnny is able to connect his love of the outdoors and his passion for helping others. He has a special way of connecting with people.